The Way of Innovation: George St. Pierre and The Way of the Fight

The Way of the Fight.

The Way of the Fight.

What can an MMA World Champion teach us about innovation?

The Way of the Fight by George St. Pierre is a fantastic insight into the life of not just a world champion fighter, but a consummate businessman and gentleman who has transformed himself into a global brand.

Part philosophy, part scientific methodology, part business tutorial, and part self help guide, George weaves personal narrative with advice and commentary from some of the most influential teachers throughout his life and career.

I particularly found his insights into innovation important to focus on, both in personal development, and as a lesson to organisations.

From George:

"The way I see it, innovation is discipline, not a lottery. It's got nothing to do with luck, or even eureka moments, because those are unplanned, unscripted. For me, it comes from the combination of two elements within my control; hard work and open-mindedness.
Very often, we see leaders lose sight of how they got to where they are: by being and thinking differently from the competition. They make it to first place, and then their thinking changes from seeking innovation to seeking status quo. They think, I made it to first place, so now I must not change a thing. But change is what got them to the top in the first place! This is because they're focused on positive result rather than on the process of success.
When the status quo becomes your main weapon, your arsenal is diminished. When you can find no other way forward except for repetition, your mistakes are compounded into defeat.
Therefore, the only way forward in life is innovation. And innovation, born from true creativity, depends on movement. Life, after all, is all about motion, whereas stasis is the equivalent of death."

The book offers some fantastic strategies and methodologies to help create this process of innovative thinking, be it for personal or business growth. I highly recommend grabbing a copy to check it out.