The Post-It Plus App

If you are playing around with something like the Google Ventures Product Design Sprint, or just running any kind of creative brainstorming session, chances are you are using a ton of post-it notes or other note taking devices to throw your ideas up on a wall and experiment.

The problem with this process is that post-it notes are an entirely analogue technology, so the process of turning them into a digital format post meeting can be a complete hassle that sucks out the momentum.

Post-It have come up with a clever little alternative in their Post-It Plus app, which adds some neat new features to simplify this process. Using your phones camera, you can snap up to 50 post-it notes on a wall or board, arrange and edit them how you want them, and share with your team. With the flexibility to combine ideas across multiple captures, it adds a layer of simple but powerful group collaboration capabilities.

Interestingly Post-it previously did a similar campaign with Evernote, however it looks like they have branched out to be more inclusive of other types of sharing and export. A very nice example of a brand learning a pain point with their customers and using new digital tools to address this need.

The app is currently only on iOS8 on Apple devices, check it out when you next have a brainstorm.

Bonus Video

Post-it Art has become a big deal. Check out the example below, its old now by Internet years, but still great to watch.