Vimeo Annual Report 2013

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 7.04.52 PM.png

I have written previously about some of the amazing stats from YouTube revealed in their wrap up of 2013. Well they're not the only video streaming platform in town, and off the back of this Vimeo have released their own 2013 Annual Report.

Vimeo have been driving great growth as a more creative focused platform, targeting photographers, filmmakers and general creative types. They have also made great inroads at providing a video on demand platform, allowing content creators to sell their projects directly to consumers.

The report is laid out beautifully in a clever timeline layout that highlights both platform results, as well as the unique company culture that I'm sure is a big part of their success. It's also a great example of a solid responsive website.

Some interesting platform highlights:

  • 135 million unique visitors across the world as of October 
  • 22.4 million registered users as of October
  • 400k subscribers as of November
  • 4,903,040,517 video views as of December
  • 5,903,772,169 page views as of December

Check out the site to view the full 2013 Annual Report or the ongoing company Timeline.