Facebook Lookback: Walter White Edition

Basically anything on the Internet today is open to interpretation. It doesn't matter what you put out there, people are going to pick it apart, look for ways to screw with it, remix it, or re-interpret it for their own means. 

The whole notion of MEMES are built upon this idea - people taking something that exists, changing it to be an expression of their own creativity, and then releasing it (usually within a community of largely anonymous, like minded individuals like Reddit or Imgur).

I love this recent example remixing Facebook's 'Lookback', a sort of retrospective experience showing your history through the last 10 years with the platform. Imagine what this would look like re-imagined for the "man who knocks":

And as a true re-interpretation of an interpretation of someone's unauthorised creativity, bonus points for the Darth Vader Lookback:

Although seriously, how did "No, I am your Father!" not get the most liked post (although double bonus points for getting the quote right).